3 tips for a bulletproof digital marketing strategy (no bullshit, we promise!)

Whether you’ve just turned your resin jewellery side hustle into a full-blown career or you’ve been running your end-of-lease cleaning business for a decade, you will benefit from a solid digital marketing strategy. The truth is, every single business on earth could do with better marketing.

We love to talk about how important a reliable sales team has been for our brand’s success but what about the guy who designed your logo? Or the public relations company you hired to create hype around your brand name via a memorable launch party? And how about your web dev guy who’s been slaving away for months to create you the website of your dreams? These are all marketing people, people!

Marketing is the way of the future and it is absolutely time you get with the program and the changing landscape for businesses in Australia.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but letterbox drop-offs and cold-calling just aren’t the way to attract new customers anymore. When did you ever pick up a cold call and feel enthusiastic about the service being throttled upon you? That’s right, never. Salespeople might have their place but it’s never been a better time to invest in a solid digital marketing plan in order to succeed as a modern-day business.

We’ve compiled three of our best tips to help you create a better digital marketing blueprint for your brand:

1. Get social – be where your audience is!

It never fails to amaze me how many businesses thought a physical business card and a phone number (and word-of-mouth marketing) were the best methods for attracting new customers. Boy, are you missing out if you haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon yet!

As of January 2021, there are 18 million social media users in Australia alone. 1 in every 3 minutes spent online is done so on a social media platform. (Source: Prosperity Media)

The sheer volume of people alone on social media channels is more than enough proof that your business MUST be on social media to prosper. You’ve heard the saying put your money where your mouth is, right? Well, do it! There’s only so much money you can spend on your business so why not put your money where your audience is and get social!

2. Find your right audience on the right platform – don’t just try your hand at everything willy nilly.

News flash: you’re not going to get anyone’s attention posting on Twitter if you’re a skateboarding company, for instance. The same goes for if you sold gluten-free pizza bases on LinkedIn. You get the gist.

The key to success on socials is, you must be where your direct target market is. For instance, 16-year-old skater boys aren’t spending their spare time looking at skating trick videos on Twitter. And coeliacs are definitely not lurking about on LinkedIn for gut-friendly food products.

Yes, the examples we’ve provided sound ludicrous, but you’d be surprised at how often a brand finds itself far removed from their right demographic. Hot tip: don’t keep trying your hand at everything except the one place you’ll attract the right attention.

You’re absolutely not going to get the results you’re after by blindly taking a shot in the dark and haphazardly posting on various social media platforms until you garner some attention.

Unlike what public relations people might say, all publicity is certainly not good publicity when it comes to social media marketing. Do research on your target audience to see where your people are at, where they spend their time, and which platforms influence their pockets the most.

3. Finally, if you’re time poor and in need of some expert advice, consult a marketing expert to help you out.

Believe me, I know you’re exhausted just after reading about everything you’re doing wrong and everything you could be doing a whole lot more effectively. That’s why a FREE 30-minute consultation with me, a marketing expert with a decade of experience, could come in handy right about now. What are you waiting for? Let’s chat – vent away your struggles and I’ll be a listening ear, or more, depending on what solution you’re after.

‘Til next time,

Eva Akyol

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