A little bit about me

I’m a content creator who specialises in SEO copywriting, marketing strategy & social media. I’ve worked with brands like Macy’s USA, Linktree, Chargrill Charlie’s, Meat & Livestock Australia, and many more.

My strength is switching between different brand voices through the power of marketing to get to the root of what your audience wants and needs.

My skills

The skills I have acquired over a decade in digital marketing

I don’t believe in trying to be the best at everything, because that’s near impossible in my industry. That’s why I decided to specialise in the following fields. This way, I am confident I can deliver on the results I promise and regularly achieve the goals of my clients:

✍️ Copywriting

Good copywriting engages the reader with beautifully-curated words that prompt them to take action. The power of the written word can increase traffic and sales, as well as raise brand awareness. Copywriting is my number one love in my marketing toolkit. I’ve honed this craft for over a decade and counting!

🤳 Social Media

Be where your target audience is using various social media channels to get your point across to your specific demographic. From Twitter to Tiktok and everything in between, I have years of experience creating organic (no paid ads-type stuff!) visual and written media to turn heads and get people talking. 

📖 Editing

If your website is almost there but is lacking a little technical finesse, editing might be for you. I’ll sieve through your website’s content to restructure wording and fix up any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors along the way. Seamless website copy is a must in order to engage your users and hopefully convert them to customers.

📝 Proofreading

Proofreading is the baby sister of editing – it’s perfect for when you’ve had copy written up by a non-expert that might need a grammar, spelling or punctuation touch-up but with a solid foundation. For instance, if you had written up a PhD thesis or eBook and you wanted an editor to look over your content for a final zhuzh-up, this is the option for you.

📕 SEO Copywriting

If you want Google’s search engine to pay attention to your website, SEO-focused copywriting is a must. I will work independently or with your SEO expert to ensure my copy has the search engine tick of approval. Let’s cut through the chaos and noise of the internet and all your brand competitors with SEO copywriting best practice.

📢 Consultation

If you’re overwhelmed by marketing lingo and you just want someone to scream at over the phone, a consultation could do the trick for you. Book an initial FREE 30-minute discovery call with me and let’s talk about some of your brand’s pain points and goals we can work towards together.

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I know what a big deal it is to trust someone with your business needs. If you have any queries before you place your important project in my hands, please feel free to reach out and ask me anything that will give you the peace of mind I want you to have before working with me. I’ve got you.

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