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Case Study 1: AdVisible

For this leading digital marketing agency, I was assigned with rewriting their entire website in the span of a week! This isn’t usually how I’d go about a project but the team needed the copy for the launch of their new website’s look and feel so I got straight to work. I delivered every piece of content you see on their website today and it’s one of the biggest and most successful project’s I’ve been apart of to-date.

Case Study 2: Johnny Fontane's

A mafia-themed cocktail bar in Sydney’s Darlinghurst – inspired by the the character Johnny Fontane in the Godfather films – reached out to me to head their entire social media strategy. The bar was like no other in Sydney, serving up Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizzas, Cuban cigars, and a range of unique cocktail creations. Unfortunately, it’s no longer around, but I loved working on all aspects of Johnny Fontane’s social media. We raised brand awareness and reach to different target markets on Facebook and Instagram through high-quality, thoughtful organic social media content. 

Case Study 3: Let's Face It

Korean skincare & beauty brand Let’s Face It hired a digital marketing agency to work on the ins and outs of their social media strategy, which at the time was done by the owners when they had a moment between running the business. I worked alongside the agency to lead the organic component of their social media strategy. The results were magical – Let’s Face It went from a little kiosk in Liverpool Westfield to a full-blown online business that expanded quickly into the spotlight (and even featured on Vogue Australia!).

Case Study 4: Goterra

Canberra’s sustainable food waste management company Goterra worked alongside a PR agency who hired me to take care of their social media strategy, website blog writing campaign, and LinkedIn posting on behalf of Olympia Yarger, Founder and CEO of Goterra. I loved the concept from the get-go, and implemented a range of evergreen content pieces to be used throughout the various platforms employed by the brand. This is a brand to watch – Goterra’s success in the eco-friendly waste industry is expanding throughout Australia and even internationally at a rapid pace!

Case Study 5: Linktree

Due to my list of contacts in the marketing field, occasionally, I get to go out on a whim and do something a little different. I have ghostwritten articles for many reputable brands, the most recent being Linktree. This highly successful Melbourne start-up is the name on everyone’s lips these days. Linktree has 8 million people worldwide using their successful website and I had the privilege to write up a blog post for them on behalf of a good friend and mentor of mine, Joan Westenberg.

Case Study 6: Chargrill Charlie's

Sydney’s favourite chicken restaurant chain, Chargrill Charlie’s, needs no introduction. It was an honour to work with the ever-expanding company on their social media strategy back when they weren’t nearly as well-known as they are in Australia’s takeaway food landscape today.
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